FaceAtelier Review

Ultra Camouflage Duet in Light (Vegan) $35.00
"Fabulously flexible, FACE atelier’s silicone-based Ultra Camouflage Duet virtually erases imperfections and those pesky dark circles that have taken up residence beneath your eyes. Each Ultra Camouflage Duet has two color-matched shades that work in perfect harmony with FACE atelier Ultra Foundation. Ultra Camouflage Duet provides long-wearing, buildable coverage. The silicone in the formula guarantees that it will not flake, dry or crack."

This concealer has become a holy grail product for me! I suffer from very dark purple toned under eye circles and the combination of shades in this duo are like magic! They're creamy, last all day, don't crease, and provide full coverage.

Lipstick in Pink Sizzle (Matte) $24.00
"Seal it with a kiss, using FACE atelier’s high performing lipsticks, available in matte, satin or frost finishes.   FACE atelier Lipsticks are extremely well-pigmented ensuring long-lasting results.  They are also hydrating and moisturizing due to the high content of emollients in the formula."

Absolutely love the formula of this lipstick, it's pigmented, hydrating, long lasting, and over all just an intense, gorgeous, fun shade! 

Ultra Loose Powder in Translucent (Vegan) $38.00
"FACE atelier’s Ultra Loose Powder is a micronized, double sifted powder that disappears upon application but works all day long to reduce shine and minimize pores."

This powder is super fine, and does wonders for those of us with larger pores and black heads! I love the airbrushed, silky finish that this powder gives my skin, and because it's translucent it looks great on every skin tone.

Lip RX in Naked $24.00
"Lip Rx is an elegant remedy for sore, chapped lips.  Indulge your lips with silky-smooth Lip RX, a tinted, sheer lip conditioner that soothes, moisturizes and protects the lips from the elements. It also provides organic ultra-violet protection, and is chock-full of anti-oxidants and essential oils.  Lip RX contains a unique blend of essential oils and vitamins to repair and protect the lips, while enhancing the wearability of other color lip products."

This is a must have for the cooler months! It does wonders for chapped lips and helps protect them against brutal winter breezes and chills. I got the Naked shade which applies clear so it's great to layer under any other lip product I will be using, all without being greasy or sticky.

Transforming Gel (Vegan) $28.00
"SIMPLY MIRACULOUS. And miraculously simple to use. Only FACE atelier’s Transforming Gel magically transforms a shimmer, loose or pressed powder and pigment into a pool of easily applied, lasting colour that sets and makes a lasting impression."

Brush Buff (Vegan) $24.00 
"Three products in one, Brush Buff is a quick-drying brush cleanser that disinfects and conditions while it cleans. It’s specifically designed to extend the life of high quality brushes. The spray applicator is convenient, easy to use and excellent for travel."

This is the perfect product for everyday use. Just grab a paper towel, spritz, swirl give the brush a few seconds to dry and you're done! It's also great to have if you are a makeup artist as a quick way to disinfect your brushes when you don't have the time to deep wash them.

Shimmer in White Gold, Champagne, Sand and Pink Glaze (Vegan) $22.00 (each)
"Glisten, glitter, gleam. Sexy, sultry, sinful. Colour your eye in ways you never dreamed using these ultra-fine, perfectly pigmented loose Shimmers. Our highly pigmented Shimmers won't flake, are non-creasing and long lasting. A little Shimmer goes a long way - apply sparingly for a subtle wash of color, or apply more for a dazzling display."

These shimmers are stunning! So highly pigmented, easily blended, and a little goes a long way. Very intense shimmer with a lot less fall out than most shimmer shades (not sure why that is but it's great) these colors last well even without a primer.

Overall, I'd very highly recommend FaceAtelier products!

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