Beauty Bliss Cosmetics Review

Eyeshadow in Uptown (Mid Silvery Reddish Brown With Purple Undertones; High Shimmer) $4.95
Uptown Swatch
"Our mineral eye shadow is designed to stay exactly where you put it. It won't run or crease and a little goes a long way. Choose from bold and full of glam glimmers or office-friendly satin neutrals. Only our best colors make it this far so you can rest assured these hues are versatile and beautiful. 

These luxurious mineral eye shadow colors can be used wet or dry. Because they are loose powder there will be fallout during application, so we recommend keeping a tissue on your cheek to catch the powder. If you would like to use them wet mix a little water, hydrosol or primer with your mineral eye shadow until it's a creamy consistency and apply. This is a great way to use your eye shadow as an eyeliner!"

This eyeshadow is fully of gorgeous shimmer! It has become my go to shade for a night out when I don't want something too dark, but still want lots of shimmer! It's very pigmented, silky, and easily blended it's also great to use wet for an extra intense look or even for eyeliner.

Body Duster in Wow (pure diamond sparkle) $12.50
Swatch (blended into arm)
"You're a Diva. You're a Party Girl. You're a Sexy Vixen. You need a natural way to shimmer, sparkle and shine. Add one of our luxurious mineral body dusters to your makeup bag and take care of your skin while dialing up the drama.

The colors are so, so sheer. The sparkle is so, so glamorous. The effective is so, so fabulous. Our fine, micronized mica shimmer will have you glowing- naturally. Dust them on your décolleté, shoulders, face, arms, legs, or all over! Dust them into your hair, then apply hairspray to set. Your own creativity is the limit."

This is so lovely! It gives any area of your body that extra glow and glitz. Once blended in all that is left (as you see above) is pretty shimmer that really catches the light. This is great to use on the chest area, arms and the legs especially with a nice tan. I'm addicted to this stuff!

Overall, I'd highly recommend Beauty Bliss Cosmetics, their products are great quality at a great price! All of Beauty Bliss Cosmetics are Vegan.

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