Dollymoo Review

Sandalwood Spice Body Scrub $24.00
"Sandalwood Spice Body Scrub will leave your skin smooth and hydrated with an earth and spice aromatic glow.

What to do with DollyMoo? After washing, take a scoop of body scrub, rub all over body, concentrating on dry areas. Rinse. For best shaving results: scrub, rinse then shave. "

If you're a fan of sandalwood, and spicy, musky scents you will love this! It has a good grit to it to smooth your skin, and prep it for a shave and leaves skin with a light, musky scent as well as feeling super soft and moisturized!

Indian Sandalwood Aura Oil Roll-On Perfume $16.00
"Smokey, deep, musky & sensual. Great to use as a meditation aide."

The description above (from Dollymoo's website) describes this perfume oil perfectly, very musky and deep! I have tried a few perfume oils, and liked them, but until I'd tried this one I was never too impressed with their lasting power, but this scent lasts all day with a quick roll on the wrists and behind the ears.

Overall, I'd highly recommend giving Dollymoo's products a try.

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