Hypnotic Skinssentials Review

Milk Baths $24.00-$26.00
Left to right Mimosa, (citrusy, complex, rich scent) Cleopatra with Rose Petals (ylang ylang and vanilla scent) , and Hypnotic (vanilla, rose, and citrus scent)

So, I have to admit this was my first experience with milk baths (crazy, huh?) and what did I think? I am now a big fan of milk baths.. I've gotten into a habit of taking one every night!

I have noticed my skin feels smoother and less dry after I step out of the bath, but also that my skin is much less irritated after I shave if I have had a milk bath prior. All of the scents smell wonderful, but I have to say Cleopatra with Rose Petals is my favorite the rose petals look so pretty in the water, and also provide a beautiful scent!

Detox Bath Soak $19.99
"A potent detoxifying mineral rich salt soak infused with Epsom Salts and Juniper to purify and revitalize the body."

Love this! It really helps to relax my muscles after a long day of work, and the juniper scent is lovely, very fresh and relaxing it also leaves my skin feeling soft because it also contains milk, but with the epsom salt also leaves my skin feeling clean.

Body Scrubs $19.00
Left to right Cleopatra, (ylang ylang, and vanilla scent) Coffee Bean (coffee scent), Hypnotic (vanilla, rose, and citrus scent)

Each of these scrubs work well to exfoliate and smooth the skin, I notice they also leave behind a layer of moisture once the granules are rinsed off which makes them less abrasive on the skin, and also leaves my skin baby smooth and moisturized once dry! I enjoy all three scents but coffee has to be my favorite, it smells just like fresh brewed coffee.. mmm!

Body Butters $19.00
Left to right Cleopatra (ylang ylang and vanilla scent), Hypnotic (vanilla, rose, and citrus scent), and Mimosa (citrusy, complex, rich scent)

"Use this luxurious Shea and Hemp body butter to replenish, nourish and regenerate your skin to promote a healthy, radiant glow. "

Luxurious is the perfect word to describe these body butters, they feel and apply very luxuriously and have a rich, thick texture they leave skin super soft, and deeply moisturized without being greasy.

Facial Skin Care $17.00-$19.00 (prices for full size, samples pictured)
Left to right; Polished Exfoliant, Fresh Exfoliant, Herbssential Toner, Nautical Day Moisturizer

Polished Exfoliant for all skin types - Is a sugar scrub with organic avocado, almond and hemp seed oil and is gentle on the skin as well as non drying even sensitive skin like mine enjoys this scrub!

Fresh Exfoliant for dry/mature skin types - Is a pumice scrub with organic avocado and hemp seed oil and just like the Polished Exfoliant is non-drying to the skin, but even more so deeply moisturzing because it has pumice I wouldn't suggest using it more than twice a week since it is more of a deep exfoliator. This scrub is ideal for skin like mine (dry/sensitive)

Herbssential Toner for normal/combination skin it combines witch hazel and aloe to balance out PH levels of the skin so your skin is tighter, cleaner and prepped for moisturizer! It's also super refreshing, and non-drying unlike many toners.

Nautical Day Moisturizer for all skin types is a lightweight moisturizer perfect especially for oily/normal or combo skin because it is so light and non-greasy, but also does work for my dry skin I just recommend to apply a little extra if you have similar dry skin.

Overall I was very happy with all of the above products and recommend giving any of them a try!

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