CND Holiday 2015 Aurora Collection Vinylux Shades + Swatches

Left to right
Nordic Lights, Winter Glow, Glacial Mist, Tundra

"This holiday season, nail trends capture a crystalline essence with icy, glistening finishes"

These nail polishes are fantastic! They're easy to apply, dry quickly, come in a HUGE range of colors, and are the most durable nail polishes I've come across. On me, these nail polishes last better than salon gel nails! They are advertised as 7 day polishes, and for the average person I believe that is accurate. 

Since I work with my hands non-stop in addition to washing my hands many times a day nail polish hardly lasts a day on me. I get a good 4 days of wear with these polishes with normal nail polish I get a few hours of wear before chipping, and even with gel nails done professionally I only get 2 to 3 days of wear before the polish peels off entirely.

Overall, I highly recommend the Vinylux line! You can find CND at your local salon or purchase directly from these new shades will be available Holiday 2015!

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