Lip Ink Review

Liquid Lip Stain Mini Color Kit in Glitter Pink Lemonade $67.44
The Lip Ink Liquid Lip Stain Mini Color Kit in Glitter Pink Lemonade includes 1 Lip Ink Lip Color Stain, 1 Lip Ink Shine Moisturizer, 1 Lip Ink Off Solution Vial as well as bottle of Off Solution, and one color chart with detailed instructions.

The Lip Ink Liquid Lip Stain is 100% smearproof!

Glitter Pink Lemonade satin swatch
Gorgeous pink shade! On paler lips it's more of a light/med pink and on my pigmented lips it appears as more of a bright fuchsia.

So, how does the lip ink system work?

Step 1 - Cleanse lips using Lip Ink Off Solution this insures any old lip color is removed and leaves a smooth surface for application (it helps to mildly exfoliate too!)

Step 2 - Splash lips with water and pat dry to remove any excess Off Solution.

Step 3 - If you like to line your lips you may at this point using the included brush and the Lip Ink Stain

Step 4 - Massage a small amount of Shine Moisturizer into lips until thoroughly absorbed

Step 5 - Take a tissue and wipe off any excess color, the thinner you apply the lighter color you will get, the more you apply the dark and more vibrant the color will be.

Step 6 - Begin the colorizing process! Apply up to three coats of the stain with smooth even strokes in one direction and feel the tingle (the Lip Ink stains contain herbs, mints and botanicals)

Additional information about Lip Ink products they are..
- Made in USA with natural, vegan, organic, & kosher botanical ingredients

- Waxless formula free of artificial preservatives
- 100% smearproof, waterproof and ultra-durable.

This stain lasts on my lips all day at work, and even some times beyond work! It does stay on during eating and does not transfer, the only time I have minor transference is if I roughly wipe my lips on a napkin after eating.

I am in love with the color, and the formulation I also enjoy the tingle upon application, it reminds me a lot of a lip plumper. I find this stain much easier to apply than others, and every time I wear it I get compliments! 

Overall, I highly recommend giving Lip Ink products a try if you're looking for something that will last all day through school or work! They have a huge range of colors that will suit any taste or skin tone.

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