ISO Beauty Trio Clipless Twister Set Review

Trio Clipless Twister Set in Black
This set includes three barrels ranging in size from 19mm, 25mm, to 32mm

I have very long, fine textured hair, but while my hair is fine I do have a lot of hair which is also difficult to curl. With this wand I get fun curls and pretty waves that last! I tend to use a lower heat setting around 250F, but this wand does go up to goes up to 410F and I don't need that much heat to get a curl with my fine hair. 

Every time I use this wand I get great results, and it is by far my favorite wand! I love the digital temperature guide and the fact that it beeps as it is heating up, but also once you turn it off and it's cooling down so you know when it's fully cooled-great feature! 

Key features
Leaves hair soft, shiny and manageable
Ceramic Tourmaline Barrels
ON/OFF switch with temperature control
Display allows for accurate heat control for all hair types

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Overall, I highly recommend this curling trio.

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