Goodebox Review

Goodebox (prices vary see below)
My Goodebox came with..
MyChelle Clear Skin Serum - great for oily skin!
Alima Pure Eye Pencil - Love this pencil pretty, shimmery brown color and lasts all day!
(eye pencil swatch)
Red Flower Reviving Hand and Face Towelette Wanderlust - These are great to refresh your face/body on a hot summer day!
Odacite Intensive Hand & Heel Therapy - Awesome to use when giving yourself a mani or pedi!
Vapour Clarity Make Up Removing Cleansing Oil - Works well to remove eye makeup without irritating eyes!

"If you love green beauty, natural wellness, healthy personal care and sustainable living, Goodebox is for you.  If you care about healthier ingredients, enjoy supporting smaller, more conscious companies, and understand that more is not always better, Goodebox is for you.  If you understand that healthier, more sustainable products often cost a little more than conventional products, Goodebox is for you.  If you want cleaner, non-toxic products and just don't have time to do the research yourself, Goodebox is for you. "

Overall, I highly recommend giving Goodebox a try!

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