Bocandy Review

Bocandy Subscription Box 4 months $56, 6 months $78, 8 months $96

Bocandy is a monthly candy subscription service they send candy from all over the world.
Kit Kats from Japan
My rating 2/5 I love Kit Kats, and if you like green tea I think you'd enjoy these I'm just not a tea fan personally.

Oreo Chocolate Bar from Japan
4/5 this bar had good oreo flavor and nice chunks of oreo cookie inside, it also had like a raspberry cream in it, the flavors went surprisingly well together.

Milkita from Indonsia
3/5 these chewy candies have nice chewy texture with a strawberry milkshake flavor.

Fruit Gums from the UK
4/5 These had really great flavor, and a nice chew to them. They're similar to gummy bears but much thicker and chewier.

Kanjers from Holland
4/5 loved the flavor of these! They're like thin wafers, and the inside has a sweet, maple flavored cream inside. Very tasty.

Dip Dab from the UK
3/5 Flavor of the powder was good, and the cherry lollipop was ok I just wish it had more flavor to it, but overall I think this would be one kids would love.

Twiglets from the UK
1/5 The flavor of these was a little odd to me, very very salty, and very wheat bread-ish flavor. If you're into salty treats like pretzels you may enjoy these.

Overall, I really enjoyed getting to try these snacks and candies from all over the world and would recommend you give Bocandy a try!

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