Coolway Autosense Styler Review

Coolway Autosense Styler with True Smooth Set $139.90
Let's start by going over the products included in this bundle!

Super Boost Treatment
This treatment is designed to be used after shampooing hair, you leave this treatment on your hair for 4 minutes and rinse. 

I have to start off by saying I absolutely love the scent of this product! The scent is citrus-y, but also sweet and fruity like gummy bears.. okay, maybe that's not the best description but it left my bathroom smelling AMAZING and my hair tangle free which considering my hair is down to my lower back, that's a big deal.

True Smooth Spray
This spray is for use with your blow dryer to prevent heat damage, reduce frizz, and also to provide flat iron results by just blow drying. 

I have naturally super straight hair so I can't speak to that aspect, but what I can say is that I like to apply this product generously on damp hair, and once my hair dries I flat iron my bangs to style them, and this spray makes any styling hold much better and makes my hair feel much less damaged and dry!

Autosense Styler
A little info about this styler, and what sets it apart from other flat irons.. 
"The °Coolway Styler with AutoSense® technology works with °Coolway True Smooth to provide damage-free styling. It detects the moisture level in your hair, automatically setting to the precise temperature needed—always below 299°F, so you can straighten your hair without heat damage or the need for thermal protectors"

This styler is amazing, and I am 100% a fan for life! A little bit about my hair.. it's straight, it's very fine, very long and it HATES to be heat styled. In the past whenever I'd get my hair curled, flat ironed-- anything to do with heat styling my hair would feel FRIED, smell fried, and the worst past was my hair wouldn't stay styled for longer than an hour.

I now use this iron daily to style my stubborn side swept bangs out of my face, and give them a cute bit of curl on the ends--no hairspray and they stay in place for hours.
Now on to what we're all wondering.. what's up with this autosense temperature stuff? Well.. start off by turning on the iron it'll look like this 

Once it's heated up (about a minute later) the screen will look like this
When the screen reads "autosense" you'll run the iron through a small section of your hair 2-3 times after that the iron will beep indicating that it's detected the moisture in your hair, and what temperature is the lowest that your hair will still straighten or style at. 

Mine is anywhere between 263-298 depending on what part of my hair (ends always read lower because they're much drier) and my bangs usually around 298 because I trim them often and they're not dry like my ends are.. and that is how I know this autosense stuff really works!

The box also features these before and afters as well as what degree was needed for their hair type/moistness
Overall, I am definitely a believer in this new technology and a huge fan as well.

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