Blinc Long Lash Review

Blinc Long Lash $48.00
"Our Long Lash eye lash enhancer is designed to dramatically enhance the look of your natural lash length, fullness & thickness. You will see visible results in just two to four weeks!"

I had been looking for a natural alternative for eyelash enhancement for a while, I wanted something that wouldn't stain my eyelids or darken my eye color. I came across Blinc's Long Lash and decided to give it a try because it was one of the only products I could find that met that criteria.

The application is much like a liquid liner, you paint it on and allow it to try it applies white but dries clear, and once dry you can apply shadow or liner over top as you normally would.

I used this product for about 8 weeks although results are supposed to be within 2-4 weeks I have always had slower growing lashes, and I wanted to give this product a fair chance! I noticed by the 6 week point I did see my lashes gaining some length, nothing dramatic considering I already had long eyelashes, but it did give them a nice boost. For best results with this product I would recommend applying it morning and night my first few weeks I only applied it once daily so I think that did slow my results somewhat.

Overall, I recommend giving Blinc Long Lash a try if you are looking for just a little more length without the harmful side effects!

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