Orange Glad Sweet Box Review

Sweet Box $15/month + s&h
So, what did my April Orange Glad Sweet Box include?

Quin Dreams Come Chew
These chewy candies had a taffy-like texture, and came in delicious fruity flavors-- I really enjoyed these!

Toffee Talk in Almond
So delicious! This was my first time trying almond toffee, I don't normally like almonds, but I LOVE toffee this was a big hit for me, and really didn't taste like almonds.

Zesty Cookie Co in Hot Cocoa
This was the only item in the box that I wasn't a huge fan of. The cocoa flavor was nice, but the cayenne just did not do it for me! I'm not a big fan of chocolate with spiciness, but if you are you will probably love these.

Fairytale Brownies in Original
My absolute favorite! I love brownies, but I can never find any that taste as good as homemade however, these delivered! The brownie was chocolate-y, rich, tasted fresh and overall delicious.

A Couple of Squares Inc Chocolate Chip Biscuits
I'm not a big fan of cookies that aren't soft or are more cracker like, but I actually liked these more than I thought I would, and they had pretty good flavor.

Overall, I highly recommend Orange Glad's Sweet Box if you have a big sweet tooth like me or just like trying new things.

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