Elizabeth Mott Lash Card Review

Lash Card $6.99 (for 10 cards)
Lash Cards are a nifty, disposable tool to prevent mascara from smudging or flaking on your lids and messing up your eyeshadow.

I love to use these when I am in a hurry, once you get used to using them they are a makeup life saver-- I can't count the number of times I've ruined an entire look due to mascara smudges so this definitely saves me time in the long run.

Each little envelope comes with 10 cards, they are disposable, but I find I can get multiple uses out of one card as long as I let any mascara dry on the card before using it again.

To use, simply place the card above your upper lashes or under your lower lashes. Using these cards provides lashes with a clump-free look due to the fact it applies much more evenly, and anything extra on the mascara wand goes on the card.

Overall, I would recommend giving these Lash Cards a try!

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