Down to Earth Handmade Products Review

Deodorant in Sweet Vanilla $7.00
In general, I find it difficult to find a good, natural/vegan deodorant, but this one certainly fits the bill. It has a very smooth consistency, and glides on easily and comfortably. The Sweet Vanilla scent smells just like a bottle of real vanilla!

This deodorant is additive free, cruelty free, and all natural.  It does not contain any aluminum, parabens, or SLS This deodorant is also Vegan!.

It provides great coverage, and odor protection, but remember because it doesn't contain aluminium so it won't block your sweat glands so you may still sweat somewhat. Which is actually much healthier for you and your body.

Liquid Soap in Sweet Vanilla $10.00
I really enjoy using this Body Wash, it's gentle, and foams up a lot making it great to use when shaving. It leaves my skin feeling clean without stripping it, and is great with my sensitive skin.

An all natural body wash that hydrates and moisturizes without leaving your skin dry. This body wash is also Vegan!

This Body Wash has a natural scent, I definitely pick up on the olive oil, not as vanilla-smelling as the Deodorant, but I do pick up on the vanilla more once it's lathered up.

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