Munchpak Review

Munchpak Mini (5+ full sized snacks) $9.95

My May Munchpak included..

Kroki Kroket from Croatia
Haribo Droppys from Turkey
Bibi Bear Rice Cake from Taiwan
Randoms from the UK
Festy Chocolate Cookies from the USA
Eugenia Junior from Romania
So, what exactly is a Munchpak? Munchpak is a snack subscription service featuring snacks from all over the world, it is available is various sizes Mini (5-6 snacks,) Original (10+ snacks,) and Family Pak (20+ snacks.) You can have your snacks delivered weekly, bi-weekly or once monthly. You can also add a random coffee or tea to your Munchpak!

My thoughts on the snacks I received..

Kroki Kroket from Croatia - These were the texture of cheese curls with the flavor of peanuts/peanut butter they were actually pretty good and addicting!

Haribo Droppys from Turkey - The flavor of these was good fruity with a thick, dense gummy texture.

Bibi Bear Rice Cake from Taiwan - I love rice cakes so I enjoyed these! They were in small wafer form so easy to break apart and snack on.

Randoms from the UK - I enjoyed these, fun shapes, good flavors and a good, soft gummy texture they remind me of Willy Wonka Randoms.

Festy Chocolate Cookies from the USA - Loved these! They're like a fresher, tastier version of Oreos.

Eugenia Junior from Romania - Texture and freshness of these was great and it tasted very strongly of honey which I liked they were just a tad too sweet for me.

Overall, I recommend giving Munchpak a try, for less than $10 bucks you can't beat it especially if you love to try new things!

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