Spa Ritual Rhythm Collection + Step Up Nail Polish Review

Spring 2015 Rhythm Collection (All but the shade Dynamics)
Cycles is a Peach (creme)
Groove is a blue (creme)
Pattern is a grey with orange speaks (glitter)
Seasons is a pastel yellow (shimmer)
Vibration is a pastel pink (creme)

This collection embodies spring with the delicate, pastel shades. This was my first experience with Spa Ritual nail polishes, and I was very pleased with application, drying time as well as longevity

The formula of these nail polishes is very unique, where other nail polishes feel hard, and chip these seem to wear much more evenly and begin to wear at the tips of nails rather than big chunks chipping off.

On average, traditional nail polish lasts a few hours up to a day before chipping on me. With Spa Ritual nail polishes I can easily get 4-5 days with only minor wear on the tips of my nails. I'm sure if you're more experienced doing nails and you capped the tips of your nails you could get a week or more of wear! (Bare in mind I get 4-5 days of wear with NO top coat or base coat)

As far as packaging goes, I'm a big fan of the rubbery-easy grip cap on these nail polishes we've all had occasions where nail polish dries on the side of the bottle, and essentially glues the cap on, but with these nail polishes that doesn't happen!

Step Up
This nail polish is a beautiful, bight orange creme. The name Step Up comes from an organization of the same name which focuses on the emotional skills girls need to be successful in today's workplace and break the cycle of poverty.

20% of proceeds from this nail polish will be donated to the Step Up organization!

Find out more about Step Up at

And finally, I have some swatches for y'all!
Overall, I highly recommend Spa Ritual Nail Polishes, and BTW they're Vegan!

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