Bodyography Professional Cosmetics Review

Veil Foundation Primer Clear (sample size + gluten-free & vegan)
"With anti-oxidants, vitamins A and E, Jojoba and Grape Seed oil, this weightless anti-aging primer fills in fine lines and wrinkles, prevents collagen breakdown and gives the skin a silky smooth, long lasting, flawless base."

This primer is a clear, odorless gel that glides on smoothly, dries quickly and leaves skin feeling silky. I'm not a big foundation person so I used this under my under-eye concealer, and it prevented it from creasing under my eyes! It also made the concealer apply more evenly, and prevented it from caking.

Electric Lip Slide in Caught in the Act 0.45 oz $20.00 (gluten-free)
"A hybrid of a lipstick, gloss, & stain infused with natural butters and Vitamin E resulting in an ultra luscious, head turning lip color."

The closest thing I can compare these to are liquid lipsticks texture wise, color wise they have the pigment of a lipstick, shine of a gloss, and the lasting power of a stain, and they do leave behind a light stain once worn off. 

This lasts several hours on my lips though the shine does wear off somewhat they do last through talking, and as far as eating it will wear off, but you'll be left with a stain of pink color. I also love the fact that as this wears off it doesn't dry out my lips or accentuate any dry patches like lipstick does.

If you want a color that really stands out, and you like getting compliments on your lip color I highly recommend the shade I got, which is Caught in the Act!

On Point Liquid Liner Pen 0.019 fl oz $17.00 (gluten-free & vegan)
This eyeliner pen is firmer than others I've tried which makes it easier to get a pointy, and precise look especially if you're doing winged eyeliner.

I have sensitive eyes, and also a tendency to rub my eyes this eyeliner doesn't budge when I rub my eyes, and also holds up pretty well to getting wet, though I wouldn't call it waterproof it doesn't smudge it instead starts to crack off when exposed to water as well as rubbing which is pretty impressive. This will last you several hours, especially if you use a primer underneath and the best part is that it's easy to remove so no torturing your eyelids trying to remove it.

As you can see by my above swatches, this liner can be thick, thin or in-between you can get just about any thickness of liner you like.

Crushed Pearl Cream Shadows Glisten & Gleam 0.10 oz $20.00 each (gluten-free)

These cream shadows are beyond gorgeous! I have never seen such pretty, and unique eyeshadows. Upon first opening them you will want to use a brush or your finger to gently swirl the colors around and blend them to get a more uniform color, I would also suggest putting a paper towel under the container as you do this because it can get a little messy.

I was curious if the glitter was just an overspray and would be gone after a few uses and if it would stand out on the eyes once blended or not, and for me it didn't look glittery upon application, instead the glitter blended well with the metallic finish of the shadows.

These are designed to be a cream to powder formula, and I found that to be true, they're creamy upon application but once on your eyelid they feel more like a powder shadow. I really liked that these don't feel greasy, oily or slick at all. As far as staying power with no primer these will crease after a few hours of wear so I would suggest using a primer, and if you have oily eyelids also setting them with a powder shadow.

Expressions 0.10 oz $17.00 (gluten-free & vegan)
"At last, a product that can be used all over the face; as a blush, eye shadow or liner. Apply this expression eye shadow wet or dry for a professional finish every time. "

This product has a wonderful, soft texture and is very pigmented, I only need one swipe to get opaque color. Because the color is more of a gold-green I've stuck to using it on my eyes, it's a beautiful shade for any eye color, and makes a great accent shade for under the eyes as liner. I can't say if it lasts all day without a primer because I'm pretty attached to my eye primer, and use it under every powder eye shadow, but since it has such great pigment I'm sure you'd be fine without a primer.

Flirty Expression Palette $36.00 (gluten-free & vegan)
This palette contains the shades Wink, Coy, Coquette, and Ingenue which can also be purchased separately out side of this palette.

Just as the individual expressions shades these have a great, soft texture, and are easy to blend. The pigmentation varied a little with each shade, I found the frosty shades to be more pigmented, and the matte a little less, but still buildable especially when used with a primer or used wet.

The shades in this palette would look great with any eye color, especially brown eyes!

And finally, swatches of all of the eye shadows (no primer)
Overall, I was very impressed with the line, and plan to try more Bodyography products in the future. Thank you to Bodyography for providing these products for me to try out!

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