Spa Ritual Review

Hand Print Hand Salve 1.7fl oz $40.00
This hand salve, as the title implies has a thicker slightly balm-y consistency than your average hand cream. It has a pleasant, somewhat herbal scent.

I like to apply a generous amount of this salve to my hands as an overnight treatment. In the morning, my hands are BABY soft, smooth, and feel just plain amazing! Especially considering I get extremely dry and cracked hands since I work with my hands all day.

Body Serum for Slow-Aging 4fl oz $60.00
This body serum is designed to slow the signs of aging, and to protect skin from environmental damage. It has a very nice, refreshing  fruity/citrus scent. I'm still in my 20s so while I can't yet attest to the slow aging aspect I can say that this serum works wonderfully to smooth, and hydrate dry skin. 

I have very dry, sensitive skin, and what I love about this serum is that because it's a serum it A. instantly absorbs B. doesn't leave my skin greasy or oily, and C. Instant gratification. ,y skin, even my elbows and knees feel instantly soft and smooth, honestly it makes my knees feel as smooth as my face or arms which is AMAZING. I have never had such instant and great results with a body serum/moisture product before.

Moisture Balm 0.5 oz $25.00
This moisture balm has a sweet, citrus-y scent, and melts right into my skin. It can be used on hands, feet, body, and even lips! My favorite use for this balm is on my lips, it has a thin texture and seems to actually moisturize, and absorb into my lips rather than some lip balms which just leave a thick waxy texture behind.

This stick is also great for throwing in your purse to touch up any dry spots throughout the day such as knees, legs, or elbows!

Unveil Peel-Off Basecoat 0.5 oz $17.00
This basecoat is designed to create a barrier between your nails, and glitter polishes enabling you to simply grab an edge, and peel off the glitter rather than scratching, and damaging your nails rubbing off the glitter with a harsh nail polish remover. We all know how difficult it is to remover glitter nail polish!

So, does it work? Yes, it does. While the directions suggest using one coat before polishing your nails, I would suggest doing two coats. In my experience, the thicker the base is, the easier the polish is to remove especially with glitter nail polishes which seem to set and become more difficult to remove the longer you have them on.

I also think this product is great for people who pick off their nail polish, it's a lot less damaging to peel it off in a sheet rather than pick off the nail polish as well as picking off layers of your nail. When I use this basecoat I haven't had any issues with it peeling off any layers of my nail.

Overall, I recommend giving Spa Ritual products a try. PS all Spa Ritual products are Vegan!

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