Paula's Choice Review

Brighten Up 2 Minute Teeth Whitener 2.5g $15.00
This teeth whitener comes in a form similar to a lipstick, you simply rub it onto your teeth and let it sit for 2 minutes. This whitener has a minty fresh scent which I love & think all whiteners should have.

I haven't had any problems with this causing tooth sensitivity, and I have sensitive teeth as long as you're not using this more than once daily you shouldn't have a problem with sensitivity. It's perfect for touch ups after you've had coffee or wine, and great to use to keep teeth whiter between whitening kits or professional whitenings.

My only small compliant is that I wish it came in a different form, perhaps a paint on form rather than stick because I found it a little difficult to apply the first few uses.

Resist Weightless Body Treatment with 2% BHA 7 fl oz $25.00
This body treatment contains salicylic acid, and is designed to smooth & exfoliate skin and to be especially helpful for those with keratosis pilaris. For those of you unfamiliar with keratosis pilaris it's essentially those little red or pink reoccurring bumps often found on upper arms or thighs.

I have keratosis on my upper arms, and nothing I used in the past seemed to make a difference. This treatment didn't completely eliminate my keratosis bumps, but it did reduce the amount of them as well as making my skin feel SO smooth!

Although it's labeled a treatment I pretty much consider, and use it as a lotion. I apply this anywhere I would lotion and it never fails to leave my skin soft, and non-greasy. I absolutely love the scent it reminds me of sour apple candy though I realize it's somewhat of a acquired scent

Clear Ultra-Light Daily Mattifying Fluid SPF 30+ 0.5 fl oz (trial size) $8.00
This has become my new favorite sunscreen!

For about a year now because of my sensitive, breakout/sunburn prone skin I've stuck to high level SPF baby sunscreens, and those worked fine except for one thing.. they made me SO shiny it looked like I was sweating even before I went outside!

The appeal of this product to me was the combination of moisture, matte, and SPF. This doesn't dry out my skin nor does it make any dry patches stand out it adds a little moisture, but no shine. It has no scent, is non-irritating, doesn't cause me to break out, and it protects my skin well as long as I am reapplying about every 2 hours or sooner. 

I love how this feels on the skin, how easily it applies without leaving white streaks, and how it looks on the skin in general. The only minor flaw I could think of for this product is the fact it's not water resistant, but I use this on a day to day basis so that doesn't matter to me personally. 

Resist BHA 9 0.3 fl oz $40.00
This treatment is designed to be used on a variety of imperfections which include acne breakouts, blackheads, enlarged pores, keratosis pilaris, and wrinkles.

I used this as a leave on spot treatment, and to unclog/shrink my pores. Unfortunately this didn't work to get rid of my breakouts (which BTW are very stubborn as is,) but it worked wonders for the rest of my skin. Since I have combination skin I never know when a breakout is going to pop up so every other/3rd night I apply a thin layer all over my face, and a few hours later my pores are much less noticeable, my skin has a beautiful glow in addition to feeling soft & smooth.

Since my skin is on the more sensitive side I found using this nightly too intense for my skin so I would suggest (if you're new to using BHAs) to either build up usage over time and eventually work up to nightly OR use it every other day to every three days which is what I currently do.

Overall, I was really impressed with these Paula's Choice products! This was my first time trying the brand, and I'm definitely a fan now.

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