Rosemira Review

I recently came across the brand Rosemira, having a look on their website I was intrigued by their products so I sent them an email asking if I could have a few samples to try out. I thought I'd do a review since I was really impressed with the samples.

On to the review!

Organic Argan Oil
This argan oil can be used on both hair & body. I love the fact that they have several different scents, (the tangerine is my favorite.)

This is perfect for moisturizing dry ends of hair or rough spots of skin such as elbows or knees. It has a thicker consistency than other argan oils I've tried so it's perfect to apply extra and leave it on as a moisturizing hair treatment overnight to add a lot of extra shine to hair.

Passionate Fig Exfoliating Facial Scrub
"Unlike other scrubs on the market this scrub is not pre-mixed, nor does it require the addition of water. It arrives as a separate mix of powders and liquids which when mixed together offers a unqiue aromatherapy experience in addition to the desired exfoliation.  The soothing aroma of Lavender joined with the uplifting scent of Spearmint is a feast for the senses. This scrub will rejuvenate your skin and spirit."

This scrub suits all skin types, and is designed to exfoliate, tone, and moisturize.

To use this scrub you measure out 1tsp of powder, and mix it with 1 1/2tsp liquid to form a paste. The paste itself has a fairly earthy scent, and has fine as well as chunky exfoliating beads which allow a gentle exfoliating while still leaving my skin with some moisture, firmness, and smoothness.

Lavender & Geranium Deep Cleansing Masque
"A Deep Cleansing Clay Masque for all skin types. Exfoliating and soothing, this formula is your skin's best friend at the end of a long day. Clay reduces swelling and inflammation, and draws toxins from the skin."

I absolutely LOVE this masque! Similar to the exfoliator, you also mix this yourself. To remove this masque you dissolve the (included) sea salt in warm water, and dip a wash cloth in it-- this method makes the masque so simple to remove as well as aiding in mild exfoliation from the cloth.

This masque reduced the redness on my face as well as made my skin feel softer & smoother than anything else ever has!

See Me C Repair Serum
"Marula and Pomegranate Seed — potent Anti-Oxidant oils — are combined with the best Anti-Aging essential oils of Frankincense and Rose — known for their powerful skin rejuvenating and hydrating properties. We then add a Citrus Essential Oil Blend for a delightfully scented, fast absorbing serum, rich in the nutrients essential for radiant skin. Light and Nourishing — See Me C Repair Serum is wonderful for your face, body and Spirit. A great summer serum when you want to hydrate your skin without using heavy oils."

While I can't speak to the anti-aging properties of this serum I can say I love the citrus fragrance as well as how quickly it absorbs into the skin without making it feel oily, and how it makes my skin feel as smooth as a babies.. well, you know!

Moisture Me Citrus Restorative Cream
"Rich and fragrant, this cream can be used both day and night. It effectively tones skin and tightens pores, slows down wrinkle formation and helps reduce the appearance of existing ones. It works particularly well for Combination and Oily skin and those prone to acne, yet is also very nourishing to dry, mature skin. A versatile product loved by women and men alike. "

Just like the serum it has a fabulous citrus scent. While it doesn't absorb as quickly as the serum, once it finally does it leaves skin feeling smooth I even put a dab on my elbow to see if anything could help my super dry elbows, and sure enough half an hour later even my elbows felt smooth! This is great on those days my skin is a little more dry or to use overnight.

Overall, I was impressed with Rosemira's products and I highly recommend them if you're looking to invest in organic, high quality products for your skin!

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