Sugar StripEase Review

Sugar StripEase Kit 8 oz jar of Sugar StripEase, 15 strips, and three spatulas for application £9.99 (about $16.00)
This was my first experience with waxing at home, and I must say this product is really easy to use! 

Simply make sure the skin is completely dry (you can apply talc to further dry/remove moisture from the skin) heat up the wax in either your microwave or leave jar in a pan of boiling water to soften the wax. Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth, smooth down strip, and pull off strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.

It's so simple & effective to use. I waxed my arms as well as eyebrows. I have very fine hairs on my arms & eyebrows, and it worked really well.

I also tried this product on man legs.. yes, I got a male volunteer. It completely removed every single hair from the spot I applied it, we were both impressed (I mention this to point out that it does work on previously unshaven/long hair as well.)

I was shocked how easily the wax washed off of the strips and spatulas with just hot water. I was also surprised how little discomfort I felt, I know some find waxing/sugaring very painful however, any discomfort was very minimal for me.

Although this is a UK based brand, shipping to the US is only £4.95 (about $8.00) which is what many US sites charge for shipping.

Love love love this product it's definitely become a holy grail hair removal product for me!

BTW this product is vegan.

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