Yakshi Naturals Fragrance Review

Evening Gardenia Roll-On .32 fl oz $9.95
Yakshi products are made by hand from natural and human made fragrances which contain no petrochemicals, alcohol or mineral oil and are available in roll-on as well as solid forms.

Evening Gardenia is very true to the actual scent of gardenias. I've always loved passing by my gardenia shrub & stopping to smell them so I definitely have an idea of what a gardenia fragrance should smell like.

All of the alcohol based floral perfumes I've used in the past really haven't been true to scent, and are often times headache inducing.

I really enjoy this fragrance because it's light & delicate smelling, true to scent & actually good for the skin (it contains coconut oil.)

If you're sensitive to heavy fragrances like I am, I highly suggest giving these a try! 

BTW it's vegan.

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