California North Review

O2XYGEN Eau de Toilette For Women 1.7 fl oz $39.00
"Soft, subtle and clean. Featuring light floral citrus and floral notes, in eau de toilette strength for women."

Top notes
Lemon, pink grapefruit, bergamot, and a unique watery accord.

Middle notes
Lavender, water jasmine, freesia.

Sandalwood, oakmoss, white musk.

Upon initial application I pick up on the pink grapefruit as well as bitter & floral tones.

When the perfume dries down I pick on on more floral tones, slightly sweet & musky.

I really enjoy this fragrance, and use it for special occasions since it is a little stronger than what I normally wear. It smells a lot more expensive than it actually costs!

Appellation Microfine Grapeseed Scrub 8 oz $18.00
This scrub contains high levels of vitamin E and C from grape seed extract.

The beads in this scrub are willowbark, and microfine polyethylene which gently clean & polish skin, but leave it moisturized.

This scrub is gentle enough to be used multiple times a week, and leaves my skin hydrated!

California North Self Tanner 8 fl oz $29.00
The directions on this tanner say to exfoliate skin a few hours prior to use, and to apply twice in the first day. Apply, let dry for 3-4 hours, and reapply. Maintain every 4-5 days.

I followed the above guidelines, and here's the color I ended up with
 Natural skin color
This tanner has a great scent (unlike most) & is a white cream. I found it took about 5 hours for the color to develop after the second layer.

I've had no issues with staining or the color washing off. This tan lasts really well & gives me a tan deeper than what I've been able to achieve with sun alone (although I don't tan, and do wear sunscreen, I always end up with a slight tan in the summer since I spend a lot of time outside.)

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