Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company Pet Products Review

Cedarwood Lavender Dog Shampoo 1.5 oz sample bar $2.70
This soap bar is great for dogs with sensitive skin and dogs who tend to have smellier coats/skin.

It has a soothing lavender scent, and is gentle as well as non-drying. It contains natural oils to keep your dog's coat shiny as well as helping to repel fleas, and ticks (although I can't speak on this factor personally since I haven't tried this in the peak of bug season yet, but I've heard great things.)

One of my other favorite things is how easily this soap is to rinse off! Too many times I've spent a good 10 minutes or more just trying to rinse the soap out of a dog's coat.

Creamy Coconut Milk Dog/Pet Shampoo 1.5 oz sample bar $2.70
This bar is great for pets with drier skin since it contains organic coconut milk as well as coconut oil and other nourishing oils.

This bar is unscented making it great to use on not only your dog, but also your cat or even ferret!

Best suited for extra sensitive skin, and adding shine to your pet's coat. I found this soap to be more moisturizing than the Cedarwood Lavender, and leave behind a layer of moisture while still being easier to rinse off than liquid soaps.

Natural Dog Paw Salve 2 oz $9.75
This is perfect for pooches who lick their paws!

Very soothing for dry paws & other rough spots, and is safe for dogs to lick off since it contains all natural, organic ingredients which help to speed up the healing process as well as soothing irritation.

One of the most common things I come across working with dogs in a shelter environment is a dry, cracked nose. I'm so glad to have come across a product I can safely use to sooth those cute little (and big) doggie noses.

Before using on any dogs I tried all of these products on myself since I have very sensitive skin, and they all passed the test! 

To be completely honest, I wouldn't use most commercial dog products on myself since they're so packed with chemicals, and who knows what else. I like the logic of "if I wouldn't want to use it on myself I don't feel comfortable to use it on dogs either."

Both the Cedarwood Lavender Dog Shampoo, and Creamy Coconut Milk Dog/Pet Shampoo Bars are vegan!

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