Nectar Essences Sleep Essential Oil Review

Sleep - Breathe Me Essential Oil .34 fl oz (10ml) $19.00
The three suggested uses for this oil are..

Inhaling for 30 seconds
Massaging around ankles & onto soles of feet
Adding to a warm bath
(These are just a few uses, but really essential oils are useful for hundreds of things!)

I've had difficulty sleep my entire life, but especially recently because of allergies-- I don't feel comfortable taking sleeping pills so I sought out a natural, completely safe alternative.

I'm generally not a fan of lavender scented products so I wasn't sure if I'd like this, but I actually love the scent.

So how did it work for me?

My preferred method for using this oil is to inhale it, it actually helps to clear my sinuses, and really does make my mind relax, and when my mind isn't on a thousand things at once it is much easier for me to fall asleep. It's also great to inhale when I notice myself getting stressed out, it truly does calm you down.

If you're stressed out, having trouble sleeping or just a fan of essential oils, I definitely suggest giving this a try!

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