Isis Essentials Swipe & Wipe Makeup Remover Review

Swipe & Wipe Makeup Remover (Try me size) 2ml $12.00
I loved how this was packaged, wrapped up thoughtfully. It always makes a good impression when a company puts extra effort into making sure your product arrives safely.

This makeup remover is made from organic essential & carrier oils which have anti-inflammatory benefits as well as anti-aging benefits (though I can't attest to anti-aging since I don't have any signs of aging such as fine lines yet.) It contains no mineral oil or alcohol, and has an herbal scent.

I love how gentle this makeup remover is! I use it to remove my eye makeup, and it effectively breaks down my makeup while leaving my eyelids feeling soothed. It leaves behind a layer of oil which for me, fully absorbs by the morning (I remove my makeup at night) It leaves my eyelids as well as under eye area supple making concealer & eye shadow apply more smoothly.

Even the try me size will last you a while since you only need a small amount to remover your eye makeup.

If you have sensitive eyes & you're looking for a good makeup remover, I suggest giving this one a try! This makeup remover is vegan.

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