Primal Foods Review

Freeze-Dried Canine Duck Formula 14 oz $24.99
This dog food is unique in many ways! For one, it's freeze-dried as well as being corn, wheat and soy free, it contains organic ingredients and is made in the USA.

The appearance of this food also differs
It's in rectangular nuggets which you break up & add some water to, since this is a raw food product it's best to re-hydrate it before serving it.

Many reviews I've read from others who use this food have said how great this formula is for their dogs who have food allergies, and even picky dogs.

Many of us dog lovers are unaware of the unhealthy, and often quite disturbing things in dog food, a typical example being "by-product"

By-product can be from chicken, beef, fish, lamb, turkey or other, but often times includes diseased tissues, organs and tumors.

Fillers such as Corn Gluten, Corn Bran, Wheat Gluten, and Soy are common in dog foods, and are added as binders & bulking agents, but provide no nutritional value.

Some of the most common allergies dogs have are to corn, wheat, and soy so these are things that really aren't desirable to have in your dog's food.

I think the absolute best thing about this dog food (and the entire line of Primal products) is that you can feel good about feeding it to your dog!

Dry Roasted Chicken Shredders 4 oz $10.99
This was a big hit at the animal shelter! All of the dogs who tried these treats loved them.

Especially Duncan..
"Maybe if I sit here giving puppy dog eyes long enough, I'll get another delicious treat, riiiight?"

These treats work wonderfully for training. Although Duncan is a medium sized dog I was able to break each piece into smaller ones, and still get him to preform tricks he normally does for larger treats as well as additional training. 

I consider these high value treats since they have a higher meat content which to dogs = supreme deliciousness, this also means a bag will last you a while!

Here's how these treats look out of the bag
They look like jerky treats, but in texture are actually crunchy rather than thick, and moist.

Of course we all know the true test of any treat is, will a picky dog like it? Since I volunteer at my local animal shelter and tested these there, I had the perfect opportunity to get opinions from picky dogs.

The verdict? These pasted! The toughest critic being a Great Pyrenees who would take treats, and spit them out. I tried everything with Mr. Pyrenees dry treats, moist treats, bacon treats, but he wasn't a fan until I gave him one of these, he ate it right up, and to my surprise didn't spit it out.

The Freeze-Dried Canine Duck Formula was rated 5 stars on DogFoodAdvisor which is the highest rating a dog food can receive. The foods listed on the site are evaluated by nutritional value & ingredients.

Overall, Primal Foods get two thumbs (and paws) up from myself & the dogs!

Primal Foods' Website is also a great resource for learning about nutrition, and ingredients in dog & cat food see their "Education" section for additional, helpful information for you & your pet