Auromère Review

Ayurvedic Pre-Shampoo Conditioner 7 fl oz $9.99
This pre-shampoo conditioner can be used before shampooing by applying a small amount to hair and scalp or as an overnight treatment.

My favorite method is to apply this before I shampoo. This oil rinses out of my hair easily requiring only one wash, and can also be used sparingly as a leave-in to give hair a ton of shine.

The texture of this oil reminds me of olive oil--fairly thick in texture. The scent is very natural, and nutty smelling.

Ayurvedic Aloe Vera-Neem Shampoo 16 fl oz $9.99 (currently on sale for $7.96!)
This shampoo (according to the bottle) is best suited for dry to normal, thinning or perm damaged hair.

My hair is a combination of normal & dry. The hair towards my roots is normal, but the hair I have previously bleached & dyed over tends to be a little dry, and very dry at the ends.

I would actually describe this shampoo as a clarifying shampoo rather than a shampoo for dry hair since it cleansed my hair, and scalp very thoroughly. For hair like mine I would recommend using this once a week to remove product build up or using it more often if you have oily hair.

One of the interesting things I've noticed is that whenever I use this shampoo my hair dries an hour or two quicker than it normally does. I always let my hair air dry which normally can take 4-5 hours so this was a bonus for me.

This shampoo lathers a lot, has a herbal scent, and a gel-like consistency.

Both of these products are made in India as well as being cruelty free, and vegan!

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