Clean George Skin Stick Review

Skin Stick $9.00
 The Skin Stick has many different uses which include

Moisturizing elbows, face, body
Softening cuticles
Moisturizing lips
Taming fly-aways
Giving a dewy glow to cheeks
pretty much anything else you can think to use it for!

This is in the scent Meyer Lemon which is stronger in the tube, but has a very faint lemon scent when applied.

So of course I had to try it out for all of the above uses. 

On elbows & knees it's not über moisturizing so I do need to reapply, but it definitely makes my elbows & knees look better. For cuticles it hides the appearance of dryness, and makes them easier to push down. I also apply some to my nail beds since my nails get dry, it absorbs quickly & makes my nails look healthy.

On lips it feels like a lip balm, but gives a shiny look. It works awesome for taming fly-aways without making my hair look oily. It also makes a great cheek highlight because it gives a natural glow with no glitter plus added moisture.

The stick melts right into skin, going on oily initially but quickly absorbs into the skin. 

I love to keep this in my purse since it's SO multipurpose & saves me from lugging around a lip balm, lotion, cuticle pen etc! I definitely recommend every girl (and guy) to get one of these sticks.

This product is fragrance free, paraben free, recyclable, cruelty free, and made from natural ingredients.

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