Abba Color Protection Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Color Protection Shampoo 8 fl oz $15.00
To give you an idea of the consistency of this shampoo
So over the summer I made a big mistake with my hair.. yes, I bleached it myself (worst hair mistake I've made!)

Since then I've dyed back over it with my natural color, and ombre(d) the bottom of my hair semi-permanent hot pink.

Due to the bleach my hair became dry, easy to break, and started lacking shine. I thought I'd just have to deal with it & wait a few years for it to grow out, but I was wrong, and so happy to be wrong!

This shampoo made my hair very shiny, less prone to break, less dry, didn't make my dye come out, and the best part? 

It felt SO much thicker, the individual strands of my hair felt at least twice as thick as they had been, and the shine made it look like I never bleached my hair in the first place.

Using this shampoo has made my hair closer to its natural & original state more so than anything else I've tried.

Color Protection Conditioner 8 fl oz $16.00
To give you an idea of the consistency of this conditioner
This conditioner is thick yet lightweight, it didn't weigh my hair down or make it at all greasy.

What I really like about this conditioner is how I could use it every day, and it doesn't make my hair color come out in the shower like the previous conditioner I was using.

As far as scent goes the best way I could describe it is a coconut herbal scent. The shampoo has more of a clean, slightly herbal scent.

Abba products are vegan, sulfate free, made from plant derived botanicals, and free of synthetic color additives.

You can find Abba products at Ulta or your local salon using their salon locator

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