Furless Makeup Brushes Review

Perfectly Pink Angled Contour BrushPPF2 $8.71 (USD)
As the name implies this brush is great for contouring! It's also good for applying blush, bronzer, and highlighter.

It's very soft, and not overly dense so you won't find yourself applying too much product.

Purple Fluffy Eyeshadow BrushPE2 $7.84 (USD)
Perfect for applying eyeshadow, and even softening the edges/blending of eyeshadow.

Again, very soft & feels great when you're applying eyeshadow-- it doesn't poke your eyelid like a lot of natural hair brushes will.

Black Beauty Angled Eyeshadow Kabuki BrushBME1 $7.84 (USD)
The brush is definitely multipurpose! It can be used for blending out eyeshadow, applying crease color, creating that outer V shape with your eyeshadow, and also for applying under eyebrow highlight shade.

Very soft & more dense than the other two brushes.

As you could probably tell by the name of the brand (Furless) all of these brushes are made with synthetic bristles rather than animal hair so they're much softer & vegan. 

I've had no issues whatsoever with these brushes shedding. Not a single hair has shed from any of the three!

Furless is an Australian based company, but you can easily order from their website & have it shipped to the US (or wherever you are.) 

Shipping costs the same for 1 or 10 brushes so if you're ordering from the US I suggest stocking up, that way you save on shipping in the long run.

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Do you own any Furless or vegan makeup brushes?