Earth Science Chamomile & Green Tea Makeup Remover Review

Chamomile & Green Tea Makeup Remover 4 oz $7.50
If you have very sensitive eyes (like me) you've probably found it difficult to find a makeup remover that doesn't make your eyes sore & burn.

This makeup remover is so gentle I was seriously surprised when I used it for the first time and my eyes DIDN'T burn!

Probably 90% of makeup removers make my eyes burn and about 75% of mascaras make my eyes itch, and feel uncomfortable so when I can find a product that doesn't cause my eyes irritation it's shocking.

This makeup remover has a gel consistency, and removes my eye makeup well (including waterproof mascara.) One thing I would suggest is using a paper towel or wash cloth.. something besides cotton balls because since it is gel the cotton fibers will be more prone to stick.

This makeup remover is unscented & vegan which means it really is perfect for sensitive skin and eyes.

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What eye makeup remover do you use?