Sibu Beauty Skincare Review

Sea Buckthorn Purifying Mask $29.95 2 oz
The purpose of this mask is to

Purify & refresh skin
Slough off dead skin cells
Reveal a fresh, youthful radiance

The first time I used this mask I actually did it with a friend with different skin type to see if we had the same results.

I have dry/sensitive skin & she has normal skin. The thing we both noticed & agreed on right away was how smooth our skin felt! We seemed to have the same results overall.

Mostly what I noticed with this mask was softness & smoothness so this is the type of product I'd use once a week or when my skin is feeling overly rough.

Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Facial Cream $20.95
I was really impressed with this moisturizer!

It has a thin texture, but isn't greasy, absorbs into the skin quickly, and regardless of the thin texture it's still very moisturizing.

I actually gave it a try on my hands too. I've been having issues with the top of my hands being really dry & after applying this to them they look so much better and smoother! 

Even with a heavy shea butter cream I didn't get as good of results as I have with this.

Both of these products are vegan!

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