My Konjac Sponge Review

Water Drop Volcanic Scoria Facial Sponge $10.00
The Konjac Water Drop Volcanic Scoria Facial Sponge is designed to...

Minimize pores
Refresh the skin

It's also vegan, anti bacterial, natural, coloring & additive free, and biodegradable.

I've been struggling to find an exfoliator that really works for my skin so I wanted to give this a try!

One of the things about this sponge that surprised me was how well it's made. I squeezed it, picked at it, punched it (ok not really true..) BUT basically, I abused the sponge to test how well it would hold up & I was certainly impressed!

I have very dry, sensitive skin with occasional breakouts, and blackheads.

The sponge is very straightforward and easy to use simply wet it, scrub your face, wash it well, and then hang to dry between uses.

So how did this sponge work for me?

As far as exfoliating & moisturizing I can't say it did a lot for me. I still had some dry patches on my face after use, and my skin seemed a little tight rather than moisturized.

My skin does feel smoother after using this, and although the exfoliating/moisturizing aspect did not work for my skin it (without a doubt) minimized my pores! Better than anything else I've tried.

Even after my first use I noticed a difference in how my pores looked. It makes my pores & existing blackheads SO much less noticeable, almost like I'm wearing a translucent powder.

So if you're looking for something just to help minimize blackheads I'd suggest you give one of these sponges a try!

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Have you tried an exfoliating face sponge?