Review NuCèlle Spa System for Normal/Dry Skin

Spa System for Normal/Dry Skin
As this is a complete system, I'll be reviewing it as a system, rather than reviewing products individually, but I will give a brief description of each product.

Step 1 Mandelic Marine Wash - It's described as a "gentle wash." It removes grime, and oil, but doesn't irritate my skin.

Step 2 Madelic Marine Toner - This toner is different than most because rather than stripping skin of moisture it actually keeps moisture in. You don't have to use a cotton ball to apply--you simply apply it with your hands, and let dry/stay on.

Step 3 Mandelic Marine 10% Serum - This serum helps to remove skin build up, and improve skin texture. Your skin will flake the first few days of using this serum (due to your old skin cells being shed.)

Step 4 Mandelic Marine Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer - This moisturizer is rich upon application, but dries down quickly on the skin so your skin isn't left feeling overly hydrated.

Step 4 (for sunny days) Mandelic Marine SPF 17 Sunscreen - This sunscreen is very similar to the moisturizer--just with SPF!

Extra steps! (can be used up to 3 times a week.)

Mandelic Mint Scrub - Great scrub that isn't too harsh--I love the mint scent!

Mandelic Glacial Clay Moisturizing Masque - A quick-drying mask that leaves skin feeling smooth. 

This system is perfect for normal/dry, and even dry/combo (my skin type.) 

It's skincare that works. Nothing fancy or extravagantly packaged, but effective. My skin looks great, and honestly feels great!

Some information about the Mandelic Acid & Marine Complex  in these products. "NuCèlle formulations feature Mandelic Acid combined with NuCèlle's own proprietary Marine Complex®. This unique combination provides "Irritation Free" skin conditioning, which is excellent for people with sensitive skin, especially those who are unable to tolerate traditional glycolic acid products. Mandelic Acid is an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) primarily found in Almonds, which also exhibits anti-bacterial properties."

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Overall, I would recommend this skincare system!