Review Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic & Skin Repair Moisturiser

Instant Boost Skin Tonic $21.00 for 6.7 fl oz
 Instead of the cap twisting off, it twists up. I've never seen packaging like this before, so cool!
The Skin Tonic is Liz Earle's version of a toner.

It has a gorgeous floral scent, and feels soothing on the skin. It's very gentle, doesn't sting (unlike a lot of toners.)

I've found that it's perfect to use before applying makeup as it makes my skin free of any oils, but also doesn't strip the skin.

It's also available in spray form so you can spritz it right on your skin for a refreshing boost!

Skin Repair Moisturiser Normal/Combination $31.00 for 1.6 fl oz
Again, with the gorgeous scent. Liz Earle knows how to do scents, that's for sure! It reminds me of the scent of baby products. It has that classic, powder-y scent (which I love.)

The texture is perfect, it's not too thick, but also not serum thin. 

What I love most about this moisturiser is that it can be worn lightly or richer. You may be thinking "Can't all moisturisers?"

In my experience, no. Most moisturizers will be too thick to spread evenly thus forcing you to glob on a thick layer OR so thin that you end up with a slippery grease fest on your face (always fun!)

In the daytime a thin layer is all I need. It gives my skin a glowy, moisturised look, but without looking oily. At night it can be layered for an overnight moisturising treatment.

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Overall, I would recommend both products!