Review Sound Earth Cruelty-Free Home Cleaning Products

Fizzn' Floor Booster in Sassy $4.99 for 10 oz (sample pictured) 
I prefer to use this as a carpet freshener. I sprinkle some it on dry carpet, let sit as long as possible, and then vacuum it up.

It leaves the carpet deodorized, and feeling cleaner. I also love the minty scent!

Lightening Liquid Multi-Purpose Cleanser $6.99 for 8 oz (sample pictured)
As stated above, on the label, Lightening Liquid can be used to clean dishes, counter tops, sinks, showers, microwaves, and carpet.

My preferred use is dishes. My cups, plates, and bowls are all glass. This shines them up beautifully, even my non-glass items such as spoons, and cookware look awesome.

I've also found that Lightening Liquid rinses off much more easily than standard dish liquid, and is less drying.

It doesn't have a specific scent, just that of the ingredients.

Powder of Power in Sunshine $4.99 for 10 oz (5 oz pictured)
The Sunshine scent is great. It's provides a light, citrus-y aroma.

Powder of Power is ideal for cleaning porcelain sinks, and cast iron pots.

I didn't have any cast iron pots to test it on, but it worked wonderfully for cleaning my porcelain sink, it sparkles now.. seriously!

Freshen-Air Spray in Sunshine
Same light, lovely, citrus-y scent as Powder of Power. It smells like orange juice!

I love how light this spray is. It freshens the air without being overpowering, headache inducing, or really obvious. I've even used it as a body spray!

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Overall, I would recommend everything!