Review Aroma Crystal

Crystal Clear Lip Saver $4.69
This lip balm is great! It's moisturizing, but not sticky or greasy feeling, and it doesn't add a lot of shine to my lips.

It has a fruity-herbal scent--that I love!

Gardener's Dream Lotion $39.99 for 8 oz
This lotion has a strong, minty-herbal scent. It's thin in texture, and absorbs well. 

It leaves my skin super soft, and smooth. Quite possibly my new holy grail lotion!

Crystal Clear Face & Body Wash $15.00 for 8 oz
This Face & Body Wash is gel-like in texture, and has a herbal lemon scent.

It lathers really well which makes it great for shaving, but unfortunately I found it quite drying. If you're someone with oilier skin (all over) this may work better for you! --I have dry skin to begin with.

Ohm Facial Cream $33.30 for 1.8 oz
I'm not sure how to describe the scent.. all that comes to mind is herbal. 

This facial cream is rich & thick, but doesn't cause my skin to look oily. It's deeply moisturizing, but not greasy, and it absorbs well for a thick cream.

It leaves my skin smooth & moisturized!

 Gardener's Dream Cream $18.50 for 3 oz
My review of this is the same as the Gardener's Dream Lotion except for the fact that this cream is much thicker.

I love both products so it would really come down to if you prefer a thinner lotion or thicker cream. I find the cream a bit more moisturizing. 

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Overall, I would recommend everything except the Face & Body Wash as it was too drying for my skin type.