Review Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Starter Kit 3.3 fl oz (includes cleanser, and two muslin cloths)
Instructions (included) on how to use Cleanse & Polish as well as how to care for muslin cloths.
Almost every blogger has done a review of this product. Why? Because it really is that good.

I love the scent, it has a medicinal aroma. I'm guessing scent comes from the eucalyptus oil, rosemary, and chamomile.

The texture is unlike any other cleanser. It's very thick, and rich--like a face cream.

It feels lovely being massaged into the skin. Initially there's a little tingling from the eucalyptus oil, but otherwise it feels amazing! 

It's gentle enough to be used around the eye area, and removes eye makeup (and all other makeup.) I have sensitive eyes, and it didn't irritate them at all!

This cleanser doesn't leave my dry/combination skin tight or even drier after cleansing--almost every other cleanser I've tried does. In fact, it leaves my skin so smooth & moisturized that I could happily go without moisturizing after.

The muslin cloths are rough enough to mildly exfoliate, but still gentle enough to use around the eyes, and other areas that you generally can't exfoliate.

They're easy to clean, even by hand with soap & water (or washing machine as suggested.)

Cleanse & Polish has become my new holy grail cleanser. It's made me look forward to washing my face at the end of the day!

I also wanted to mention that this cleanser can be used with any skin type.

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Overall, I would definitely recommend this cleanser! (Go ahead, treat yourself! )

Have any of you tried the Liz Earle makeup line? 

It looks amazing! I'm so bummed that it's not available in the US yet. Jealous of you UK ladies!

(Product provided for consideration.)