Review Nourish Organic Food For Healthy Skin

Organic Body Lotion in Wild Berries $9.99 for 8 fl oz
The scent of this lotion is lovely! It's similar to strawberry fruit snacks. It has a thin texture, absorbs easily, and leaves my skin feeling smooth. 

Unfortunately, I think I may be allergic to something it contains because I notice a slight burning sensation when I use it.

Organic Hand Wash in Wild Berries $7.99 for 7 fl oz
Though this Hand Wash is also in the Wild Berries scent, the scent differs from the Body Lotion. The Hand Wash is less sweet smelling, and has more of a raspberry scent. It leaves behind a faint aroma on my skin.

It's similar in texture to a 2 in 1 shampoo-conditioner. It cleanses my hands well, but isn't drying. Unlike the Body Lotion, I don't experience any burning when using it. 

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Overall, I would recommend the Hand Wash!