Review SheAyurvedics

Face/Body Cereal $8.00
It contains lots of exfoliating grains, and can be used daily for normal/oily skin or twice weekly for dry/sensitive skin. It can also be used as a body exfoliator.

Mix 1 tbsp of grains with 2 tbsp water. The sample I received was packed in pink tissue paper. The product itself is not pink, it's a sand color.

It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth, and doesn't dry my dry/combo skin out.

It has a somewhat herbal-lavender smelling scent. 

Organic Shea Butters $23.00 & $15.00 for full sizes (samples pictured.)
Hunny Chi'le has a lovely honeysuckle scent.
Donna Dear has a scent reminiscent of cocoa butter & honey!

Both butters are deeply moisturizing, and last on the skin. I would most likely use these overnight!

They also both add a dewy/shiny look to the skin.

Lava Love Sugar Scrub $15.00 
I had no idea how to describe the scent so I will quote the website "Lightly scented with  an infusion  of the legendary Tiare Monoi Flower, Ground  Organic Arabica Coffee beans"--I love the scent.

Very rough, and grainy feeling on the skin.
Exfoliates okay, and leaves behind a layer of moisture.

For me, it wasn't quite exfoliating enough as I still had rough patches of skin left after using.

Organic African Soap $5.00 for full size. (Sample pictured.) 
This soap removed my face makeup well (as it claims,) but it also dried out my skin. I think it would be best suited for oily or maybe normal skin!

It lathers pretty well, and doesn't have much of a scent. It can also be used for washing your hair, but I haven't used it for this purpose. If I do, I will update!

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Overall, I would recommend everything except for the Sugar Scrub, and African Soap unless you have oily-normal skin.