Review/Swatch Blissoma by Irie Star Mandarin Kiss Lip Elixir

Mandarin Kiss Organic Nourishing Lip Elixir $6.99
The Blissoma Lip Elixirs are liquid lip balms, each with a slight tint. They're currently available in three shades/scents, Mardarin Kiss, Rosy Glow, and Ginger-Nilly.

It's light feeling, but very moisturizing, and shiny. 

I was a little nervous to use this as I had a cut on my lower lip, but surprisingly, it didn't hurt or irritate it at all! I love the fact that unlike a lot of lip balms, it doesn't just leave a waxy coating, but it actually contains healing ingredients.

The Mandarin Kiss scent is lovely---it smells fruity.

For me, the Lip Elixirs are nostalgic of those "fake" glittery lip glosses I had as a kid. Only packaging wise of course, the product itself is much better!

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Overall, I would definitely recommend it!