Review Blissoma by Irie Star Awake Morning Facial Moisture

Awake Morning Facial Moisture $21.50 for 1 oz
The texture of this moisturizer is thin, and serum-like. It feels light on the skin, and absorbs quickly. It has a matte finish!

It works well with my dry/combination skin because it's light, but still moisturizing enough. 

I love the fact that it doesn't add any extra shine to my skin. Often times I end up looking oily after moisturizing, and it's such a bummer looking oily just after I've washing & moisturized.

For that reason, I would say this is the perfect spring/summer moisturizer!

It has a lemon-y herbal scent. It's 100% vegan, and 100% natural.

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Overall, I would recommend this moisturizer!