Review Little Moon Essentials

Beach All You Want Lip Love $4.20
Moisturizing lip balm with a thick texture. It contains an SPF of 10.

This lip balm applies less shiny than most--almost matte. I like the fact that it's not glossy because sometimes I prefer the no-makeup/no-gloss look.

It has a fabulous, fruity scent!

Beach All You Want Lotion $7.50 for 2 fl oz
This lotion is moisturizing, and absorbs quickly.  It has a lovely fruity-coconut scent.

A fabulous spring/summer lotion!

Not Buggin' Me $6.30 for 2 fl oz
It does what the name implies-- which is keeping bugs away!

This bug spray has a strong, lemon & lavender scent. While the scent is strong, I don't find it bothersome, and it becomes less noticeable once it settles on the skin.

Re-Lease Solar Bath $5.50
Re-Turn Lunar Bath $5.50
These bath salts are fantastic!

They leave my skin feeling really clean, but still soft. I love to use them when I soak my feet after walking in uncomfortable shoes (ladies, you know what I'm talking about!)

Re-Lease has a cheery, lemon scent, and Re-Turn has a relaxing, lavender scent.

Vital Vapor Balm $4.00
This balm can be used as a comforting chest rub, to treat nail funguses, bug bites, act as an insect repellant, remedy headaches and muscle pain, be added to the vaporizer to aromatize and disinfect a room, or used to rub all over to relieve sore feet.

I prefer to use it as a vapor rub, It's a great petroleum-free alternative!

As with other vapor rubs, it has a eucalyptus scent, and tingles upon application. It has a thin oil-like texture, and absorbs fast.

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Overall, I would recommend everything!