Review Booda Organics

Booda Organics/Booda Butter products are all vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and handmade! The ingredients are simple, and natural. There is nothing listed that I can't pronounce (something I personally appreciate.)

With every order they include a paper with information about the brand, but it's not just any paper, it's seeded paper. It has wildflower seeds so you can plant it to grow wildflowers!

Booda Butter Naked Lip Balm $3.95
This lip balm has become my new holy grail!

My previous holy grail lip balm remained a favorite of mine for over a year, so I think that says a lot.

With a name like "Naked Lip Balm" I wasn't sure what to expect. Most of the more natural lip balms tend to be thick, waxy, and not moisturizing enough, but this one is perfect.

It feels amazing upon application. It glides on smoothly, but feels light, and isn't greasy, yet when you rub your lips together they still feel moisturized.---I've never had a lip balm that feels like this one.

It adds a little shine to the lips, but not too much. 

I love the unique, flat-oval shape. The shape makes it easy to slip into your pocket. I also prefer the shape for application, it somehow makes it easier to apply.

I like that I can feel comfortable using this lip balm. I've often times had lip balms/glosses cause my throat to burn. With this one I don't have to worry about it, and I can feel safe using it (and inadvertently consuming it.)

Booda Butter Tin $14.00 for 2.3 oz
This product has many uses, in fact, it has so many uses that they've compiled a list of over 50 ways to use it on their website.

Some of these uses include dry skin, eczema, sunburn, lip balm, cracks, tattoos, scars, wrinkles, windburn, tanning, rashes, aftershave, razor burn, chafing, stretch marks, hair/scalp, nails/cuticles... and the list goes on!

I like using this as a lotion for dry areas such as elbows, and knees. It works wonderfully, and feels light, yet moisturizing on the skin, just like the lip balm!

The product itself is solid, but easily melts onto your fingertips.

It has nutty, yet chocolate-y scent; I believe this is from the cocoa butter it contains.

I can see this becoming yet another holy grail product for me. In the summer I dislike the feeling of lotion, but this feels so much lighter, and non-greasy.

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Overall, I would definitely recommend both products!