Review Elizabeth Grant

At Last Lip Satin in Rosy Red $20.00
 Swatch below is one layer of Rosy Red.
I adore the color of this lip stain. It's a bright coral-red.

It can easily be layered to intensify the color. I notice the more layers I apply, the brighter it becomes.

Sadly, this lip stain didn't last on me. 
I noticed that the lip stain on my top lip would transfer to my bottom lip, and only the outline would be left on my upper lip. 

It ended up looking like a lip outline mustache---Which I found amusing, but I was still disappointed that it didn't last because I really love the color!

Va-Va-Volume Mascara $24.99
Mascara applied, 2 coats.
This mascara gives my lashes lots of volume, length, and darkness.

It's formula is quite dry so it might be ideal for those of you that prefer dry formula mascaras.

Finally a mascara that does what it claims! (volumize)

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Overall, I would recommend the mascara for those of you who prefer dry formula mascaras!