Review It's A 10 Miracle Volumizing Shampoo

Miracle Volumizing Shampoo $22.00 for 10 oz
The 10 claims 

1. Volumizing formula
2. Sulfate free
3. Nourishes hair
4. Non drying formula
5. Improves elasticity
6. Deep cleansing
7. Adds bounce
8. Adds shine
9. Adds texture
10. Color protectant

I can't say I noticed much of a difference concerning volume (I believe this may be because it takes hair quite a while to get used to sulfate free shampoos--I will update if this is the case!)

I did, however notice a huge difference in the way my hair felt, and looked. 

My hair is naturally somewhat shiny, but using this shampoo makes it even more shiny, and glossy--it's really amazing how glossy my hair looks because it's never been this glossy from just using a shampoo!

It also made my hair feel super soft! Usually my hair isn't very soft, but I could really feel a difference when using this shampoo.

Aside from the effects it had on my hair, my favorite thing has to be the scent! It's the best smelling shampoo I've ever used, and I've tried a lot. I'm really not sure how to describe the scent, it just smells very clean, and lingers on the hair even after rinsed off.

If anyone is curious about what the shampoo looks like, it's clear and somewhat gel like.

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Overall, I would recommend this shampoo if you're looking for something to make your hair soft, glossy, and beautifully perfumed.