Review Moon Valley Organics

Baby Bum Bar $8.95
I'm sure all of you are aware that I don't have a baby, but this is just so adorable! 

Could you really resist the cute little bear?

I know what you're thinking "What on Earth would you use a Baby Bum Bar for if you don't have a baby?"

Use it as a lotion of course!

This product is great for soothing baby bums as well as adult.. non-bums.

It's excellent for those very dry patches that require a thick layer of protection & moisture! 

Because it is pretty thick I would suggest using it overnight. Also, because of the thickness, I think this could be a good product for those of you with eczema (though they also make an EczaSalve.)

In case you're wondering, it has an herbal scent.

Lotion Bar $8.95
Where do I begin?

I. Love. This. Stuff.

If you fancy vanilla scents (as I do,) then you'll adore the scent of this.

The texture is slightly thinner than the Bum Bar, and it melts on the skin (unlike the Bum Bar.)

This, (as well as the Bum Bar) give my skin a dewy appearance.

What I love most about this, besides the amusing moon design, and lovely vanilla scent is the fact that is makes my skin soft. So soft!

Lip Treat $2.95
This has a scent similar to chocolate chip cookie dough. Some of the ingredients include organic lemon oil, organic licorice root, and organic vanilla flavoring--I think those are what help contribute to the sweet scent. I didn't notice much of a taste.

It adds some shine to the lips, and is quite thin in texture.

It's about light-medium as far as moisturization.

It's perfect for layering over a lip stain to add some moisture, and a little shine.

For more information about this brand or their products visit

I usually don't mention Facebook pages, but they have some adorable photos of their baby animals on their Facebook so I thought I'd share them!

Overall, I'd recommend the Lotion Bar, Lip Treat, and Baby Bum Bar--if you have a little one, or are in need of a little something extra for your skin!