Review EOS Everyday Hand Lotions

EOS Everyday Hand Lotions $3.99 (each)
These are in Berry Blossom & Everyday Hand Lotion (Nourish.)

Of the two I definitely prefer the scent of Berry Blossom. It smells like a girly berry smoothie! --if that makes any sense. 

I honestly wish they made Berry Blossom in perfume form! 

I looked on the website to check if any of their other products had the same scent, and the most similar one was Pomegranate Raspberry, does anyone know if they're the same or similar?

The scent of Everyday Hand Lotion (Nourish) is a clean, perfume-y scent!

They're both light, and dry down quickly. They don't feel at all greasy!

Perfect as a quick fix for dry hands or cuticles. 

Because they are light, for very dry hands I'd recommend applying a thick layer on hands before bed.

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Overall, I would recommend these hand lotions!