Review Anastasia Beverly Hills See And Be Seen Kit

See And Be Seen Kit $44.00
HydraFull Glosses in Plastic, and Heiress
Tinted Brow Gel in Caramel
Eye Shadow Duo in On Set

HydraFull Glosses
Left Plastic, right Heiress

These glosses are awesome!

They look as pigmented as a lipstick on, but with the benefit of being glossy. Even when the glossiness has worn off there is still pigment left behind which gives the appearance of a cream finish lipstick. 

They wear really well for glosses, and aren't sticky (a little tacky, but I certainly wouldn't say sticky.)

I do notice that they make my lips appear more plump, as the product name would imply! (Without any tingling or burning.)

They feel comfortable on the lips, and not drying.

I don't believe they're scented----if they are, I don't detect a scent.

Tinted Brow Gel in Caramel
I notice that on the brush, and in the swatch it appears shimmery, however, I don't notice the shimmer when applied to my brows.

The shade Caramel would work well for brunettes ranging from light to medium brown.

This keeps my brows tinted, and in place all day!

This product is great for those days where you're in a rush, because it's much less time consuming than filling in your brows with powder.

It's also really handy for me personally because my brows are lighter than my hair, and this adds a more natural looking tint than filling them in.

Eye Shadow Duo in On Set
I can't help but mention the packaging---it comes in a gorgeous, mirrored compact with applicator. 

The two shades are both very shimmery! The lighter shade in the duo is a perfect everyday lid shade.

They blend well, and as you can see, have good pigment. 

These shadows are more tightly pressed than most I've tried, which means you won't have any issues with crumbling or excess product getting everywhere. 

I will admit, I normally prefer my shadows a little softer/more loosely pressed, but I still enjoy these.

Overall, I would recommend this set as well as all of the products individually.

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